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Tools Required to Host your Online Event

Prior to the pandemic, online events had already started catching on in a small but significant way due to their reach and cost-effectiveness. However post the pandemic, online events or virtual events have now become nearly indispensable to businesses and individuals all over the world. From huge business corporations to artists and all types of […]

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Post-Pandemic Online Events: Will they still be a rage?

A couple of months back, the opinion among event organisers, content creators, businesses and the world in general,  was divided regarding online events or virtual events and whether they are here to stay. Now though, there is no doubt about it. Virtual events are the new medium for artists, content creators and even businesses around […]

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Passion to Profit – From hobby to revenue

The ‘new normal’ has brought around a lot of changes in the way businesses and individuals function. Among these changes, one particularly striking change is in the way people consume content. Events, classrooms, talk shows, meet-ups, conferences have all gone virtual. Fortunately, technology has blessed the world with the ability to log in to any event […]

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