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Indian Cuisine

When it comes to food, India is in a class of its own. Delectable, diverse and downright delicious, its cuisine is recognized all over the world. Records show that the history of Indian cuisine dates back to the time of the Indus Valley civilization, where wheat and barley were grown as staple food. Condiments such […]

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Red Fort

The Red Fort. A huge, brooding and magnificent structure in the heart of Old Delhi. An ode to the architectural expertise of the Mughals, it was built during the height of Mughal power in India by Emperor Shah Jahan, the creator of the Taj Mahal.  Completed in 1648 it has been at the centre of […]

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The Magnificent Monuments of Incredible India

What makes India Incredible? Is it the culture, heritage, traditions, beliefs? Yes! But what makes it even more incredible is that it is home to some spectacular monuments. The very sight of these monuments gives you Goosebumps. One thing is for sure that you will definitely be awestruck by the beauty of these architectural wonders. […]

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