Feel for India? Come to #LiveAidIndia. Together, we can do so much

If you are watching the news with dread, seeing how the number of Covid infections in India are rising at an alarming rate throwing India into an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, and asking yourself, “What can I do to put a dent in this pandemic?”, you are not alone. 

At FeelitLIVE, we recognize that we are not scientists with Nobel prizes that can find a cure for this devastating virus, but we firmly believe that there is still a lot we can do – together – to help those in India battling the virus or trying to stay safe and healthy at home. #LiveAidIndia is our humble attempt to give millions of people around the world the opportunity to come to the aid of a country ravaged by a pandemic that respects no boundaries. Because until all of us win, no one wins – that is the sobering truth of this one – that no one is safe until we are all safe.

FeelitLIVE has partnered with the NGO Navjyoti India Foundation, and a bevy of amazing artists, performers, cricketers, experts, change-makers, to host Live Aid India, a 24-hour virtual fundraising event that aims to raise funds for COVID relief in India while providing people in India and around the world a welcome distraction to take our minds off of the devastating reality we’re all witnessing.

To ensure #LiveAidIndia reaches its twin objectives, the 24-hour virtual fundraising marathon will be a fascinating mix of music, art, culture, drama, sports, and knowledge-sharing by some of the leading figures across these fields.From immersing in the musical genius of Opera San José, the SJSU Choraliers, or hard rock band BLUD, the soulful songwriter-musician Sonam Kalra, the ever healing Shillong Chamber Choir, the always vibrant Jaipur Lit Fest and Teamwork Arts; to dancing to the beats of Bollywood dance troupe NachleSF; to enjoying delightful LIVE interactions with the cricketing legends Ashish Nehra, Shubhangi Kulkarni, Daren Sammy, Desmond Haynes, and MCC member and BBC commentator Isabelle Duncan, former Lt. Gov Dr. Kiran Bedi, economists Alex Tabarrok and Shruti Rajagopalan, to watching the thespians from EnActe Arts, and many more performers, celebs, leaders, and change-makers.

#LiveAidIndia will be hosted virtually on FeelitLIVE, on Saturday, May 8, 2 pm UTC onward, and our goal is to raise $100,000. Donations are already open at feelit.live/LiveAidIndia

We hope that Live Aid India will be more than a virtual marathon fund-raiser. We hope that it becomes a movement that connects the world in one massive effort to donate for India, pray for India, unite with India, and feel for India.

Your donations will go to Navjyoti India Foundation, founded in 1988 by Magsaysay awardee Dr. Kiran Bedi, which has, since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in India, been working tirelessly to provide grassroots based COVID relief and intervention programs in underserved communities.  The funds will be utilized for community-centered interventions such as the distribution of PPE prevention and safety kits, food/rations, vaccine awareness drives, and other urgent relief packs to the most vulnerable in India.  

History will look back at this time, and many stories will be told. We believe that out of the terrifying destruction that the Coronavirus threatens us with, will emerge stories of the resilience of the human spirit. When history asks us, “What did you do?”, we hope that we can all answer, “We did everything we could. And sometimes that meant staying home, and still, reaching out.” That, really, is what Live Aid India is all about. It is about all of us coming together even when the dreaded Coronavirus has forced us to stay apart. It is about keeping our spirits high when the pandemic threatens to lower our morale. It is about raising our voices in song, dancing in defiance of death, and learning from the best in the business what it takes to turn the tide and win against all odds. 

So, “what can I do?” Turns out quite a bit. You can sign up, join in, donate, invite your family, colleagues, and friends, and spread the word to make the message of Live Aid India go viral. Because when it comes to battling impossible odds and winning, every bit counts.


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