Maximize your virtual event revenue with donations and tips

In today’s market, quality content—or “good vibes,” as many refer to it—is not enough. By now, we all know that the key to a successful virtual event goes well beyond streaming. Like in-real-life events, live streaming experiences are about connecting and engaging with the audience and increasing revenue streams by maximizing the touchpoints between creators (musicians, influencers, experts, entertainers, among others) and their audiences to build brand awareness, promote, and grow their community.

At FeelitLIVE, we are committed to empowering creators with engaging, easy-to-use tools to connect with their audiences. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce we have recently added donations and tips as monetization options for all our virtual events, including live and on-demand experiences.

Whether you are a creator looking to give your attendees a chance to actively support your artistry, or a not-for-profit organization aiming to boost its fundraising efforts, FeelitLIVE donations and tips will allow you to build a stronger foundation for your content business, expand your audience, make your content more interactive, and even build a business model based on that engagement.

Adding the donation or tip option to your event can be easily and quickly done through the creator flow – our fancy name for our flexible and easy-to-use event setup interface. Also, you can decide what percentage or fixed amount you want your donation/tip jar to accept from those who enjoy your content or let them enter an amount of their preference.

The best part of FeelitLIVE’s donation and tip monetization options is that they are available to attendees throughout every stage of the event, from the ticket purchasing phase right through to the full length of the live event. Therefore, allowing you to maximize your monetization strategy’s impact and letting your audience show their support at any time.

To find out more about FeelitLIVE virtual experiences, please visit FeelitLIVE.

Larissa Varela

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