Tools Required to Host your Online Event

Prior to the pandemic, online events had already started catching on in a small but significant way due to their reach and cost-effectiveness. However post the pandemic, online events or virtual events have now become nearly indispensable to businesses and individuals all over the world. From huge business corporations to artists and all types of content creators in-between, online events have become the need of the hour.

Before we dive in to the tools that help you host your online event effectively, you should ensure that you have a good set up in terms of camera, mic, bandwidth and your device such as a laptop or a phone. Apart from the technical set up you also need to have an area/place where you can shoot the event and which reinforces the subject of your event.

Let us now look at some tools that will make it easy for you to host your own online events:

Video editing tools

If you are streaming pre-recorded live events, it is important to ensure that the video quality is as high as you can possibly provide. Better the video quality, the more likely is it that you will get your audience and retain it. To achieve the required level of video quality, there are a number of free tools in the market that you can use in order to improve your offering. Tools like Lightwords, Blender, Shotcut, Openshot, Movie Maker are all free tools that are easy to use and can help you edit videos on the go.

Sound Editing Tools

As for the video same for the sound, higher the quality more the viewers and they are more likely to return for the next time. The problem of background or ambient noise is a common one among content creators who are hosting their own virtual events. To make a truly impactful and interesting video worthy of your viewers’ time you need to ensure very good audio quality. Fortunately, tools like Audacity, Audiotool, Oceanaudio, Accoustica are available online for sound correction.

Live streaming across multiple channels

Streaming only on one channel at a time limits the number of viewers that you are likely to reach. Doing it across multiple channels, including social media platforms like FB, YouTube, Insta will exponentially increase the number of viewers that you can reach. And if you do want to do this then the question is how? In recent times, quite a lot of tools have enabled this functionality. Tools like StreamYard, Manycam and Restream help you do this with maximum ease and efficiency.

Streaming platforms

From live videos to screen sharing, there are a large number of platforms where you can host your online event. Different platforms offer different advantages that are appropriate for different kinds of content. Platforms like Zoom are better for corporate events while YouTube is great for artists and other creative content creators. Platforms like are those kinds of platforms where you can host both your corporate and creative online events and get help from the platform to promote these events as well.

If you are new to content creation, we would recommend that you do not get into live streaming directly and instead create pre-recorded videos which can later be streamed. This will help you get some practice and ensure that you are putting out quality videos. Once you have a little experience, you can start live streaming directly on various platforms. Setting up live streaming with all the tools available today has become really easy. Most of these online tools also provide you with a great interface and make it easy to navigate through all the steps required to achieve the best possible result for your videos.

Whether corporate or private events, you can now start creating content with maximum ease using these tools. If you have not started yet or are looking to get started, hop on to to set up your first event.

Larissa Varela

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