10 Cool Travel Terms You Didn’t Know

Traveling to different places and exploring cultures around the world are a part of those rare experiences that stay with you forever. All the stories you gather on the way, all the people you meet, vibes you absorb and the feeling you get, there are no words. Or are there?
Here are a few cool travel terms that will never leave you at a loss for words when describing your travel experience.

1, Trouvaille

Meaning: Something lovely discovered by chance.

It is a beautiful word with French roots by the sound of it and it comes very close to another word called ‘serendipity’.

2. Resfeber

Meaning: The nervous feeling you get before a journey.

You’ve probably had that feeling of butterflies in your stomach, when a good night’s sleep is a lost cause. This word is synonymous with just that feeling

3. Eleutheromania

Meaning: An intense and irresistible desire for freedom.

This Greek word is just the word for that feeling when you want to break free from the hustle and bustle of daily life as you crave for freedom.

4. Onism

Meaning: the awareness of how little of the world you will experience.

The word takes into account the vastness of planet Earth and the many cultures and places and experiences and people it is home to. To completely experience them all is not something you can accomplish in a single lifetime. Like the new-age saying goes, you only live once, so make the most of it!  

5. Livsnjutare

Meaning: One who loves life deeply and lives it to the extreme

This wonderful Swedish word represents those rare few people you meet when traveling who have a zest for life and embrace it in its entirety.

6. Dérive

Meaning: A spontaneous journey where the traveler lets the spirit of the landscape and architecture move them.

This is a feeling that is generated when the traveler allows themselves to be truly immersed in their surroundings, whether natural or manmade.

7. Yu yi

Meaning: The desire to feel things just as intensely as you did when you were younger – before expectations, before memory, before words.

This Chinese word aptly describes why many of us travel. Travel gives you that feeling of experiencing something new for the first time. A feeling of delight and discovery.

8. Waldeinsamkeit

Meaning: The feeling of being alone in the woods.

If you are a lover of the woods or a nemophilist, you would be acquainted with this feeling. This German word perfectly captures that feeling of being alone in the beautiful woods.

9. Sonder

Meaning: The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

This is a beautiful word with a beautiful meaning as well. When the feeling hits you, you keep thinking and thinking about it. And it drives home the fact that all of us humans are essentially the same, no matter where we come from or how we look.

10. Fernweh

Meaning: Feeling homesick for a place you’ve never been.

If you’re a traveler at heart, this feeling is probably one of the strongest and most often experienced. Did you know that there is a word for this feeling? You’re probably getting the same feeling right now. If you are, start planning your next trip. Visit feelitlive.com to get all the information that you need and to book everything that you want for your trip.

Larissa Varela

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