Cultures to Explore Around the World

Exploring cultures around the world is an experience that stays with you forever. It not only educates you but also helps you grow as a human being. The effort that one takes in understanding different cultures helps one to realize and respect the differences in people and cultures around the world and more understanding means greater acceptance. Which is a good thing for the world. For all you travelers, here is a curated list of cultures around the world that you can explore on your next trip (and just so you know, a standard list it isn’t):

  1. The Wano Tribe: This tribe can be found in the basin of river Mamberamo. The basin in itself is plush with greenery and wildlife. The area was prohibited to outsiders for the longest time and has only opened up for tourists recently. The Wano Tribe is known for its Stone Age culture and employing traditional means of tool making. Wano men often hunt river crocodiles with huge bows and arrows. A visit to this place in Indonesia is as fascinating as it can get
  2. Batammariba: Batammariba is located in north-eastern Togo near the border of Benin. The cultural shock comes in the form of architecture of the houses in the area. These houses reflect the wonderful synergy between man and nature being made of straw, branches and mud and adorned with antelope horns; they also very surprisingly look like miniature European style castles. These houses also, in keeping with their looks, served as strongholds against slavers and colonial powers. The mud tower houses known as Takienta are also considered to be a symbol of Togo.
  3. Gion and Geisha: One of the myths about Gion and Geisha districts is that they are a red light district. This is completely untrue. Gion is the most popular of Kyoto’s Geisha districts and is famous for its traditional residences (machiya) and teahouses (ochaya) which are an indication of the late EDO period (circa 1800) and are preserved completely. The most popular Geisha dance is the Miyako Odori, which is also known as the ‘Dances of the Old Capital’ or the ‘Cherry Blossom Dances’. If you are looking to explore the Japanese culture and step into a bit of Japanese history, this is just the place for you.
  4. San People: Kalahari in Bostwana is home to the San People who are also known as creators of the ‘Louvre of the Desert’. The area, in Tsodilo Hills, is considered to be a place of worship by the San people and it is also home to 4,500 paintings made (mostly) by the San people. It is one of the most amazing experiences to walk with the San people on their journey. If you’re looking to visit, make sure you do so in the rainy season.
  5. Namibian Bushmen: The Namibian Bushmen are among those rare tribes around the globe who have lived in symbiosis with nature for generations, and their daily lives are spent learning about nature. Bushmen guides will tell you about wildlife, landscape and spirituality and how the Bushmen beautifully find a connection between the three aspects. If you do plan to visit be prepared to live like the Bushmen. You would be expected to forage for food, taught to track and observe animals, sing traditional songs around campfires and even extract water from the plants in the area.

While Europe, North America, South America and the better known places in Africa and Asia are definitely interesting, it is the more remote and far flung areas of the world that provide us with truly astonishing sights and lessons. These are some of the most unique and fascinating cultures around the world with a lot for us to learn from. Keep visiting for more insights and information about the world we live and travel in.


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