Things to Carry with you While Traveling

The world is gradually coming out of the grip of the pandemic that had halted not only travel but all forms of human activity for the last few months. For travelers, it is now time to start planning again. A lot of places have already opened up and a lot of places will open up in the next few months for tourists. If you have a destination in mind and are looking to start planning, here is a list of things that you must carry with yourself while traveling:

  1. A sanitization kit: It is important to ensure that you are safe while traveling and that you take the right precautions to avoid any chances of getting a viral infection. Sanitization kits come with sanitizers, masks and gloves, which are pretty much a must-have for anyone looking to travel around the world in the #NewNormal.  
  2. A guidebook and a map: Guidebooks and maps can be found easily around airports or at the airports too. It is a good idea to do your research about the place that you plan to visit but a guidebook and a map come in handy in case you are lost in a city where you know no one. Maps are especially useful if you are going out camping at a remote location in a country/area you’ve never been to before.  Here’s a tip, don’t wait to pick up the guidebook or map at the airport on your way to wherever you may be going, much better to have bought and studied them at the planning stage itself.
  3.  Towels, bedsheets and napkins:  If you’re looking to go to a place where accommodation is not up to the mark, it is always a good idea to carry your own towels, bedsheets and napkins, especially in a world that is just coming out of a pandemic. Avoid using old towels and bedsheets that a subpar property might provide. Maintain hygiene and stay safe. Bedsheets might be stretching things a bit, but you cannot be too careful in the… umm… #NewNormal.
  4. A tent, lighter, alcohol and canned food: This is specifically for travelers who like to go camping in or around various cities of the world. It has been noticed around the globe that facilities are not as easily available as they were in the pre-COVID world. You would be better off carrying your own tent in case you wish to stay out in the woods or go camping at night. Alcohol and a lighter will come in handy for you to light fire, to beat the cold and to keep wild animals at bay. Restaurants or food joints may not be open everywhere, therefore carrying canned food with you will help in case you are stuck in a difficult situation.

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As you get started on your travel plans, make sure that you do a little bit of research about the number of cases in the country/area/city you wish to travel to. If the cases are still at a high level or increasing then you might want to delay your travel plans a while. If the cases have already started declining, let’s get planning already!


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