How Virtual Events Can Make You a Star

Do you want to take your passion to the next level and make a profession out of it? Believe it, this is the perfect time to start. Artists around the globe have already started utilizing virtual events to gather a following. The best thing is that you can do whatever you are good at, in the comfort of your home and reach out to people across the globe from the aforementioned comfort of your home. Virtual events or online events are here to stay and they will be very helpful to artists, especially budding ones, even after the world comes out of the pandemic. Here’s how your virtual gigs can make you a star

  1. The world is on social media and other digital platforms more than ever and users are consuming a lot of content on a daily basis. Hosting virtual events and promoting them right will expose your talent to interested users (let us repeat, from across the globe) who might end up becoming your followers. Your fans and followers are your number one promoters and will get you more followers. Therefore it is important to deliver good content consistently.
  2. Not just individuals but brands too are using the digital space more than ever. A lot of brands are strategically looking to partner with new artists. This helps the brands get a good deal for a lower cost but it also gives the artist exposure to far more people than they would have managed on their own. If your content is appreciated by even a small group of the brand’s users, it will get you exposure and add to your popularity.  
  3. Artists all over the world are collaborating to create events together. From filmmakers to dancers, artists are complementing each others’ strengths and creating a better product by partnering with each other. This helps all the collaborators get more exposure to a bigger and global user base.   
  4. The world after the pandemic is going to be a very different world. Popularity of artists will be gauged by the number of followers they have and their content on online channels. If you start now, there is a good chance that by the time the pandemic ends and the new normal truly becomes the new normal, you will be all set to take your art to a bigger stage with an already strong follower base. There will be more opportunities for sure and you would have a big advantage over your peers who did not go online.  
  5. Digital platforms like FeelItLive don’t just allow you to host your online event but also help promote it using their social media channels. If your content is good, a little push or a bit of promotion can take you a long way. With each promotion, you get a lot more reach, which can further convert into engaged users and thence to your fans.

The trick is to ensure that you come up with good content on a consistent basis. Users often appreciate good content and become your biggest marketers. You must have heard of online stars who have become stars simply by creating quality content and uploading it on an online channel. If they can do it, so can you. There’s nothing stopping you from creating your own original content and posting it on platforms like FeelItLIVE! So, get started and become a star!

Larissa Varela

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