Post-Pandemic Online Events: Will they still be a rage?

A couple of months back, the opinion among event organisers, content creators, businesses and the world in general,  was divided regarding online events or virtual events and whether they are here to stay. Now though, there is no doubt about it. Virtual events are the new medium for artists, content creators and even businesses around the world to express themselves. From concerts, award ceremonies, product launches to even political conventions, the world has embraced the concept of online events, and here’s why virtual events are here to stay:

  1. Convenience: The world has adjusted to the new normal. Not only are virtual events more convenient but they also save a lot of time and money. People can attend events from the comfort of their homes. No mad traffic jams, no fighting for seats, lesser chances of missing the event, and so many more factors! Anything that is convenient does not go away as attested to by the world we live in today. In fact, it is only improved upon and made better.
  2. The world is your oyster: Online events have allowed users with common interests all over the globe to connect with each other. Even brands can hold events with members from all over the world. With people getting comfortable with online events, communication has become much easier. Communication has always been key for better business and for professionals who have learnt to work remotely; virtual events are offering an easier mode of communication even if they are located in different continents from where the event is being hosted.
  3.  More opportunities: For artists, virtual events offer them more opportunities to connect with potential fans and followers all over the globe. Artists were often confined to their local communities or had to undertake arduous tours all across the world to reach all their followers before virtual events became a rage because of the pandemic. Now, artists are collaborating, partnering with individuals and organizations all over the globe they are able to reach out to their followers all across the world with a minimum of effort, on their part as well as their followers’ part. Paid partnerships have become common and have helped a lot of artists make money. Don’t expect this to change in even the post pandemic era.
  4. Better quality: Studies have also shown that individuals are delivering better quality work or are creating better content online. As per a research by Forbes, people are able to create better content because they work in the comfort of their home and are not conscious of their surroundings or other people. This trend will continue for artists who have already made a name of themselves via virtual events. If artists come out with better content virtually, they will always find more fans and followers online than they would offline.

Online events or virtual events are popular not just among individuals but also organizations and institutions. Event schools and colleges are resorting to online events for training sessions. It has not yet become a way of life for many users around the world but given the advantages that virtual events offer, they are here to stay!

Larissa Varela

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