Countries you can travel right now

The pandemic brought about a major disruption in life as we knew it. Now the human race has adjusted, learnt to co-exist, in a manner of speaking! For travelers around the globe, some countries have reopened. We have already spoken about how travelers can take the right precautions when traveling and if you do follow all safety guidelines, you too can give in to your sense of wanderlust and start packing your bags. We at have shortlisted a few countries that have opened up for tourists and are safe to travel to:

  1. Cyprus: While Italy and Greece top the list of travel destinations for most people, Cyprus too is equally breath taking. The island nation offers pristine white sand beaches, clear blue water, luxurious resorts, and plenty of fresh seafood and wine, and is much more affordable than its neighbors. More so, the Cypiot government has allowed international tourism and should you catch the virus while you are in Cyprus, the Cypriot government will also reimburse your trip costs.
  2. Montenegro: Montenegro is the first country to be COVID-free in Europe and has been open to countries that do not have more than 25 cases per 100 people. This little place is an absolute joy to travel to, if you’re looking for beaches to chill at and good food to eat.  
  3. Serbia: The country has opened its doors to tourists from around the globe after two months of strict lockdown. Airports do not require you to produce any paperwork and it is not mandatory to undergo a self quarantine period. Visit this wonderful country for its amazing art, food, culture, history, music, nightlife, and people.
  4. Cambodia: Cambodia is another wonderful travel destination for budget travelers. It has opened its doors to tourists all over the globe. Visit this gem of country for its ancient historical sites, stunning jungle landscapes, tropical islands, food, and outdoor markets.
  5. Albania: The country opened up for tourists back in May itself.  This Balkan country on the Adriatic Sea bordered by Montenegro, Kosovo, Greece, and the Republic of Macedonia, is known for its culture, historical sites and hospitality. It is among one of the wonderful, affordable places to travel to in Europe.
  6. Belarus: Even though Belarus has a high number of cases, the country never closed for international tourism. A trip to Belarus will be a good idea for budget travelers given the country’s nightlife, museums, architecture, and emerging cafe and art scene.

Let not the pandemic stop you from exploring the cultures of the world and from treating yourself to some of the wonderful sights on Earth. By following the right safety measures and precautions, you can keep the virus at bay and get started on your travel plans. Stay tuned to for more information about travel and your favorite events from around the globe.


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