How not to ruin your travel plans

The world-wide pandemic has caused some major disruptions all over the world. However, the good news is that some places are opening up for travel and are allowing travelers to visit. If you had your travel plans in place already, there are ways to ensure that they do not get ruined. Solo travelers can definitely take precautions and still travel safe. Here are a few tips:

  1. Tweak your bookings: If you’ve booked your accommodation through a travel agent or a travel website, you can actually have them either refund your money (probably as points if it is a website) or tweak your booking at a certain extra charge. If in case the hotel you previously booked is not taking in tourists or if you find hygiene as an issue there, you can book a better accommodation in the vicinity. Travel agents would be more than happy to make changes to your booking rather than refunding your money altogether.
  2. Carry your own sanitization kit: It is always a good idea to sanitize your room yourself after you check in. Carry your own sanitization kits. Disposable kits are available at low costs and are very effective as well. Make sure that you read the safety instructions released by WHO and adhere to the instructions throughout your stay.
  3. Carry your own food: If you’re going on a short trip, a better idea is to carry your own food rather than looking for restaurants in the area. Ready-to-eat or Heat-and-eat meals will be your best bet. You will not just coming in contact with the infection but will also save on a lot of money.  
  4. Walk: The soul of any travel destination is in the lesser known places of the city. And there is no better time than these current times to experience the soul of a place. Travel on foot to these remote places, make sure that you walk more, rather than taking cabs and using public transport.
  5. Travel Solo: For the next few months, solo travel might be a good option for you, and solo traveling is quite interesting as well. Not only do you come in touch with your soul but you also avoid catching infections from a fellow traveler. If you had made your bookings as a group, chances are that most of your peers would already have backed out. So, do not hesitate to travel alone. If you take the right precautions, traveling alone might just be what you need right now!  

Some countries are more severely hit than others, so it is also a good idea to look up the number of cases in the districts or cities where you plan to travel. 

For all of you who love to travel, you can also find more information related to safety measures on the FeelItLive blogs. Your travel plans can still stay intact if you travel right and do not let any sort of carelessness creep in. If you are planning to make your travel plans, visit FeelItLive to know about events from around the world and about places that have opened up or are opening up to tourists from all over the world.


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