Traveling in the New Normal

Has wanderlust taken over yet? Are you getting itchy feet? Cannot wait for your next trip to your dream destination? There’s good news for all you travel buffs out there. Places around the world are opening up for tourists! In the coming months, more places will open up for travel. It is time you started planning your next trip but remember, that the pandemic is still very much on, and it is advisable to take necessary precautions when traveling. Here are some tips that will help you keep the virus at bay when traveling:

  1. Buy sanitizers and masks in bulk: This is of course, stating the obvious, but it is absolutely necessary. Make sure that you purchase a few bottles (in different sizes) of sanitizer with more than 80% alcohol content. Similarly, carry at least 10 spare masks with you. The number can vary based on the duration of your trip. Always carry a mini bottle of sanitizer in your pocket and keep your mask on when in public places like airports, malls, restaurants, etc.
  2. Read reviews before choosing your stay: If you’re an avid traveler, you’ve already been doing this, but it is important, now more than ever, to look at reviews from a hygiene point of view. Make sure that the hotel or the resort or the bed and breakfast that you’ll be staying at, has positive reviews when it comes to hygiene. It is a good idea to shortlist a few properties, give them a call and inquire about the safety measures they’re taking.   
  3. Carry a medical certificate and your medical history: This is a precaution you must take when traveling. Should you fall ill, it would be good to have your medical history handy when you visit a doctor. It would help you get better quicker and would also help the doctor keep the risk of you catching Novel Coronavirus at bay.  
  4. Avoid crowded locations: This is a perfect time to explore the culture and the raw nature of the place you’re visiting. Popular tourist locations may be crowded and it is best to avoid those places unless proper social distancing measures are in place. But remember, that apart from popular tourist destinations, every city has a lot more to offer. Remote places on the outskirts or less crowded places within the city can offer a great travel experience and help you truly absorb the vibe of the place. The countryside offers even more in terms of beauty and lack of crowds along with a truly local experience.
  5. Eat right and exercise: It is important that you have good immunity if you are looking to travel in the near future. Make sure that you eat a lot of immunity boosting foods and you exercise on a daily basis, even when you’re traveling. You should of course try out the local cuisine but it is a good idea to consume at least 2 healthy meals a day and learn a few exercises that you can do in your hotel room, without actually having to hit the gym.  

Safety measures during travel will definitely help you make the most of your trip. It is also a good idea to choose places, which do not have a large number of COVID-19 cases. Do your bit of research about the place that you want to visit and definitely keep an eye on the number of cases in that place. Try to choose ones where cases are on the lower side, at least for the next couple of months. If you’re having trouble deciding on a place, log on to and check out some of the most happening places in the world. Let’s get started on your travel plans!

Larissa Varela

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