4 Ways to Support Your Local Artists

The power of social media has only increased ever since the pandemic hit the world. There is no denying the fact that for content creators and artists, the world is their oyster. However, all local artists need a little help from their followers in order to shoot to fame and gift the world with their art. Friends and family have been big help to a lot of artists when it comes to promoting them across social media. You too may know someone or may follow someone who you think is an artist worth his salt. A little help from you would go a long way. Here are some simple tips for friends and followers of local artists to promote them:

  1. Social sharing: Social sharing is what leads to viral content. In the current era, people are hooked on to social channels more than ever and a single social share from you would help increase the reach of your local artist. Keep sharing their content across all social platforms that you are a part of.
  2. Potential tie-ups: Often artists come together to create something amazing. Sometimes, artists find trouble finding other artists, especially now that offline events have completely stopped. As a follower or a friend, help local artists around you meet other artists. Connecting artists with each other is the best thing you can do to help both the artists create even better content. Your recommendations or requests for collaborations will help the artists get fame within each other’s network.   
  3. Barters: Keep an eye out for barters than can work for your local artist. For example, startups may need help with some kind of digital content for their promotions. A musician can help create a jingle or a background score for a video, where as the company or the brand can feature the artists in their online promotions simply by giving credits to them. If you yourself are a startup owner, you can easily work out such barters with somebody you admire as an artist.
  4. Helping them find the right channel: There are different kinds of channels that help artists host their gigs as online events. A few channels like FeelItLive will also help promote the gig by using their own follower base.  Help your favorite artists find such channels and ensure that they start getting onto these channels. In the current era of virtual events, it is important for artists to explore as many platforms as they possibly can.

This is a great time for artists to build themselves as a brand, so that once the pandemic is over, they already have a number of events lined up based on their art and their popularity. As a friend or a follower, your help will go a long way. So, don’t shy away. Start sharing, connecting and promoting!


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