Live Stream Your Favourite Destinations

Tired of waiting to travel? No problem! We have the perfect escape for you.

Being in lockdown for such a long time has definitely gotten on the nerves of all travellers, be they travellers out of desire or necessity. As we know in the current scenario all over the world, travelling is still a BIG NO for most of us. But here is a way where you can still visit your favourite destinations…VIRTUALLY!

In recent times different countries and famous tourist spots have introduced virtual tours throughout the year and these have become especially relevant now, with lockdown and travel restrictions affecting any kind of travel. Social distancing and quarantine may be the new norm, but that is no reason to miss touring to your favourite destinations. Many famous travel companies and tourist destinations offer live virtual tours through different internet platforms where you can buy tickets online and be a part of virtual exploration. Live streaming tours might not sound as exciting as physically being on a tour but it’ll definitely be an experience that will feed the wanderlust in your souls. You might have a list of places you’ve always wanted to visit or some specific museums you always wanted to see. You can do some research on good travel companies for these virtual tours or better still get on feelitLIVE for a great virtual tour experience.

Another way to look at this is from a business point of view. When you talk about virtual tours you always think from a tourist perspective, but here’s a twist. Live streaming your favourite destination can also include hosting a tour for places close to you that can attract people. So, use that spare time, grab your camera, hit the road and host a live tour for the people who can’t currently travel. You can always visit the #feelitLIVE site for a variety of options to host and ticket your event too. With this, you also help people around the world come closer to their dream destinations and you earn some extra dough for your future travel plans. It’s a win-win!

Don’t wait any more! Spare some time and play around with these wonderful options we have because of technology. Whether it’s the Grand Canyon or Aurora Borealis, virtual tours definitely make it possible to tick these off your bucketlist. And if you’re staying in a place that can be on every traveler’s list, then you know what to do. Hop on to feelitlIVE, create your event and be a part of these exciting online experiences.


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