Why 2020 is the best time to plan your future travel

If anything, by the time 2020 ends, we’re all going to be filled with an intense sense of wanderlust. We’d be itching to go out, explore cuisines, meet new people, discover new cultures and everything more that comes with travel. With the current pandemic, there’s a great opportunity to plan your future trips. Here are some tips to plan your future trips:

  1. Start saving: With everyone staying home, there is little chance that you’d be spending a lot but you can still try to save as much as you can. Without having to go out to restaurants, malls, and other similar places, there is a lot of money that can be saved. Set aside a certain budget as your travel budget and let that money sit in the account.

  2. Keep an eye on countries with fewer COVID cases: Places are gradually opening up to let tourists in but there are quite a few places which are still fighting the pandemic. Start making a list of COVID-free countries where you would like to travel. Keep updating the list as and when you do your research, a little every day.

  3. Be flexible: It is tough to predict when the pandemic will completely end and therefore, be prepared to be flexible with the dates that you are planning to travel. Impromptu lockdowns may hamper your plans. Also, have a second destination in mind. In case you do not get to travel in January, you’d have a second destination to travel to in April.

  4. Master safety: There is a chance that world may have to learn to live with the new virus. Therefore it is important that you make safety measures a habit. This way, when you do go travel, you would be equipped with all the necessary safety measures. Keep learning about safety during travel and start making a list of things you may need to ensure your safety.

  5. Build your immunity: Eat right, work out at home, so that you are fit to travel when the world is ready. Staying fit will improve your immunity, which will help you steer clear of health hazards when you do go traveling.

Good planning and fat savings will help you travel in a way that you have never before. In the meantime stay patient, stay home, stay safe and tune in to online experiences and events from across the globe on Feel It Live!


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