Imagining what your next holiday’s going to be like? Will it be the pre-COVID trend of a #SoloTrip to Bali or #Vacay in Italy? If you are an enthusiastic traveller, dreaming about your post-pandemic holiday in this whole new world, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming trend in travel- “A STAYCATION”.  Summers were always about exotic getaways, exploring new countries and cultures and experimenting with cuisines! That sounds like your yearly travel plan, doesn’t it?. With domestic and international travel being limited in the current situation, you almost have no option for a lavish holiday. But we’ve got your back as you can now say “its Stacay time”!

Staycations are a known phenomenon across the world, but not a lot of people opt for this kind of a vacation. It’s time we bring it back in trend!  As being safe is our number one priority, being at home is the best destination for you.

WFH and daily routines do get monotonous for most of us. So it’s important to take time out for yourself and plan a day filled with things you like to do.  You can simply plan a small picnic in your yard over the weekend.  Make the same sandwiches you always make, take your picnic mat and soak in the sun just like how you would on your other picnic days. If you’re more of a camping person, then you can do that too! Camping is also a best option for family bonding. As everyone is already at home, all you need to do is get your tents ready. If you have access to wood then nothing better than a bonfire and some marshmallows. A Staycation can also involve taking a couple of days off and having a nice relaxing time where you disconnect yourself from the world and engage in activities that make you feel different from your other days. Or it could be making all your favourite cuisines all day.  It could be ANYTHING! Just pretend to be on a holiday at home and there you are, perfectly enjoying a Staycation. In case you’re too lazy to do a Staycation alone, invite a buddy over and discover your own home as your new travel destination.

Being on a Staycation also has its advantages. You don’t have to spend a lot so it’s always easy on your pockets. Just basic necessities to make your favourite meal and you are good to go. This allows you to save up for your next big vacation too.  Traveling long distances is also not a point to worry about when you’re on a staycation. And the best part is there is no stress of intense planning for a vacation of this type. Safety is also a point that is completely taken care of when you have a Staycation.

So, start planning and let’s make Staycation a trend worth following. There is no better time than now to take a couple of days off and have a mini-vacation at home. You never know, you might just find beauty and adventure right at your doorstep. Bon Voage!


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