Points to keep in mind while planning a trip

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming, staring blankly at your desktop’s screen while your mind wanders to the most beautiful places on earth?

Maybe you think of the Alps, alluring and alpine; or of golden, sun-kissed beaches. Maybe you find yourself walking in the bylanes of a small town in Greece; or maybe you find yourself in the middle of Times Square, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

You wish you could teleport yourself to the places that call out to you, with a snap of your fingers.

But then, where would the fun be in that? Where would the excitement be, of looking up different places to visit, of finding out what all you can see and do; of feeling butterflies in your stomach from the anticipation of actually being in the place you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

And although we can’t travel now, we can always daydream about our next trip.
So what do you do when you do find yourself daydreaming?

You plan your next trip!
It doesn’t matter how long it will take for you to set off on your journey; what matters is that you have everything in place, from your tickets to accommodation, so when the day finally comes for you to travel, you are prepared.

So, here are a few points to keep in mind when you are planning your next trip –

One of the most important points when it comes to planning your trip is the travel itself.
Once you have decided where you want to go, the first step is to book your tickets and the best way to go about this is by booking them early. The earlier you book, the cheaper they will be. And instead of checking different sites to get the best possible deal, book your tickets on the website of the airline itself. This way, you know your transaction is secure and transparent.

Next important step when it comes to planning your travel is booking your accommodation. This depends on a variety of factors such as where you will be going, whether or not you’ll be travelling in a group, your choice of stay etc.
If you are travelling in a group, make sure to check your choice of accommodation, be it a rental apartment or hotel, has enough bedrooms and bathrooms for all. Also check the reviews – both, negative and positive. Negative reviews especially will give you an idea of what problems you could possibly face; but do use your discretion as a lot of these reviews tend to be subjective. Don’t check reviews only on one site, check them across multiple platforms. This way, you will get a thorough idea about what your accommodation will be like. If renting an apartment, make sure to check it is genuine by looking it up on different platforms. Another important point to keep in mind while booking your accommodation is to check its location. Pick a location that is central, well-known and easily accessible.Your accommodation should be such that you should be at ease knowing that your belongings are there and that you can go back anytime without any hassles.

Next point that you should keep in mind while planning a trip is your itinerary and knowing which all places you want to visit. If you plan on visiting all famous attractions, check if they require tickets and if they do, book them online so you’ll get them at a nominal rate. You can also get skip-the-line tickets if you book them online so when you visit the place, you won’t need to stand in long queues which will also help you save a lot of time.

A small protip; although these places are worth a visit, don’t visit famous attractions just because they are on the list of “top 5 attractions you MUST not miss!” Places like these tend to be touristy and the last thing you want on your trip is to be stuck in a throng of people,all trying to take the same photo for their Instagram feed!

This brings us to our last, but not the least, point – knowing where exactly you want to go. And no one can tell you this. While planning a trip, go with what you are feeling, not with the article you read about in a glossy travel magazine or the listicle you read on some website.

Go with what calls out to you.
If the lakes in the Pyrenees call out to you instead of an age-old art gallery, go there.
If an unheard town in Peru calls out to you instead of a world-famous monument, go there.

Wherever you go, make sure it is really what you want to explore, experience and ultimately, feel.

And whenever you find your calling, we will be here to help you plan your trip. From booking your tickets to your accommodation to all things in between, we have got you covered. So whenever you find yourself daydreaming about your next trip, log on to FeelAPlace.com and #GetPlanning for your next journey!


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