Just “Feel It”

You have set your mind on going on a vacation, and would like to just pack your bags and embark on your next adventure. There is already so much to do, from booking your travel and stay, packing your luggage; wouldn’t it be convenient to have your itinerary drafted for you. Build a personalized itinerary which takes into consideration all your preferences. A ‘Feel It’inerary to help you truly experience a place.

Introducing our latest feature ‘Feel It‘, an itinerary planner which will design a customized travel plan especially for you. Just follow 2 easy steps and you are presented with an itinerary which will give you a distinctive experience during your vacation

First step is to choose the place you would like to visit and if you haven’t decided on a destination yet, you can explore on our website and flip through a sea of options to select any place to your liking. Pick dates suitable for you and most importantly choose how you would like to ‘Feel’ on your vacation. This option lets you choose between ‘popular, fast-paced or slow-easy’. We all have a varied taste when it comes to experiencing a place. You may like to visit trendy, instgrammable places or traverse across several destinations to get a feel of everything a place has to offer. Some of us like to have a slow, laid-back vacation; a relaxing getaway from the daily hustle-bustle. Whatever your preference, we build an itinerary while keeping all of them in mind. A ‘Feel It’inerary individualized for you.

Your itinerary is almost ready, pick a budget range which seems reasonable to you because planning a vacation shouldn’t stress you out financially. We assure to deliver an itinerary that is thoughtful of your choices.

And we are on to the last step…
‘Pick your feels’. Choose what you wish to ‘See & Do’ during your travel. Is it famous attractions you wish to visit or artsy museums? Would you like to feel close to nature and closely observe the wildlife? Parks, sanctuaries and zoos are also many of the ‘feel’ options we offer.

That’s it! A custom-made itinerary, built within your discretion is ready. Everything you would like to do during your vacation, places you would like to visit and experiences you wish to have; ‘Feel It’inerary will present you with the perfect plan! And if there are any changes you would like to make, we offer you the option to do that too because as we promised, your vacation on Feel A Place will be personalized – by you, for you!

So we’ll see you at feelaplace.com, where a personalized itinerary is designed for you, to help you satisfy your wanderlust in a hassle-free way. A customized ‘Feel It’inerary to make sure you truly get to feel a place.


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