Leap Year

Every four years an extra day is added to the month of February to synchronize our calendar year with the solar year (i.e. the amount of time the Earth takes to revolve around the Sun) There, now that we have cleared the basics why don’t we discuss ways to make the most out of this one additional day we have been gifted.
Since Feel A Place is all about truly experiencing a place you visit, we will only give you recommendations which will undoubtedly satisfy your wanderlust.

You must be wondering now, what exactly can you do or where would you go for just one day… Well, when we are always caught up planning the perfect vacation abroad, managing schedule at work/school or drawing up a budget for it; we fail to see what our city has to offer us. You may have been born and raised in the same town, but often times we never entirely get around in exploring our own city. Yes we know which are the trendiest restaurants or malls and it is only when we become a tourist in our own city that we discover the hidden gems.
So this 29th February 2020, pack your essentials for the day and set out to explore your very own city. You can bring a travel buddy along if you’d like but it’s a unique experience to travel solo. Just you and your enthusiasm to discover a place that already has a place in your heart.

If you’re still not sure where to start, just search for your city on our website feelaplace.com and browse through varied experiences and feels. Look through monuments or museums to see, events to attend or restaurants and cafes to spend hours reading a book. You could also visit a botanical garden and have a pleasant picnic with your loved one.

Planning things on such short notice could be a difficult task for you, don’t worry; use our personalized itinerary builder ‘Feel It’ to design a travel plan. Even though it is just a day we must plan in detail to truly ‘Feel’ our city. We recommend starting your day by going on a trek at a close by trail or fort. An ideal getaway from your daily routine and to rejuvenate in nature. You can then visit a cafe for brunch and spend your time there till afternoon, indulging in your hobbies you don’t usually get time for. Late afternoons are the perfect time to visit museums, as they’re less crowded then and you can browse through at your leisure. The month of February is packed with sports matches, carnivals and events; you can choose your preference to have an entertaining evening. And the perfect end to this day, out and about in your own city is to visit a restaurant serving local delicacies. We hope as this day comes to an end you have experienced a different ‘Feel’ in your city.

We just want you to make the most of this one extra day we get every four years. Usually while planning a vacation we don’t want you to jump to conclusions and make hasty decisions while travelling to a new place, but take a leap this time and set forth to explore your city.


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