Where to travel based on your Chinese Horoscope

Do you have a list of places you want to visit in 2020? If yes (we’re hoping yes), how did you select you want to travel to those places? Probably basis season/weather, number of tourists and/or attractions because that is how we all usually plan our travels.

But have you ever planned your visit based on which year it is according to Chinese horoscope? Sounds a bit unconventional but why not give it a try? And if you’re at sea with this, don’t worry, we have compiled a few places you could visit in 2020, the Year of the Rat.

Since we are on the topic of Chinese horoscope, it is only obvious that you visit China, the country where it all started from. China finds itself a place of prominence not only in the world of horoscope but also in the world of Buddhism. Its beautifully designed temples such as the Longhua Temple and Jade Buddha Temple, to name a few, will give you a feel of what ancient China was like. You must visit the temples but most importantly, you must also visit one of the places that put China on the map – the Great Wall. A name and adjective in itself, tourists come in from all over the world to see it with their own eyes. A mark of imperial China, it stands as one of the most acclaimed works of architecture to date.

Another East Asian country you can visit in the Year of the Rat is Japan.

Japan, one of the most advanced technological countries in the world, mixes its past and present beautifully. From traditional tea ceremonies to Michelin star restaurants; from traditional Japanese gardens, temples and palaces to urban sprawls that set the international benchmark for architecture, the coexistence of the old and the new is strong; and this contrast will help you feel what Japan truly is like.

We’re now going to do a 180 degree turn and take you to Europe because predictions from Year of the Rat also talk about Spain being a lucky destination to visit (when is it not?).

The country of sports, music, dance, food, culture and just a whole lot of fun, Spain is a place where there’s rhythm everywhere. There is a lot you can (and must) do in Spain. Catch a football game at one of its many stadiums or feel like a true Spaniard by tapping your feet and clapping your hands to the music of Flamenco. Or just take a walk through its streets and get a feel of flair and finesse that is Spain.

Although we’re saying that the above-listed places are the ones you should visit in 2020 aka Year of the Rat, it doesn’t really matter. What truly matters is which place you feel like visiting. Which place truly calls out to you. Which place makes you feel something inside of you that makes you want to pack your bags and just go. It could be London, Paris or any of those big players or it could be a small Scandinavian town – if you feel like visiting it, do so. You never know when this feeling will hit you. And when it does, we, at feelaplace.com will be here with you to help you plan and take care of your entire trip. All you have to do is #FeelTheBuzz of your heart and go where it takes you…


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