Top 5 Experiences in Rome

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’, so goes the saying.
Have you ever wondered what the Romans actually did? Let us take you on a journey to feel Rome in #TheRomanWay and do what the Romans did, literally.

Your day begins by waking up on a beautiful morning in Rome. There are no newspapers in ancient Rome, so where do you go to get your updates? Without a doubt, the Roman Forum. Also referred to as Forum Romanum or simply Forum, it was the nexus of all things religious, political, social. The Forum was a place where citizens of ancient Rome would gather and hold social gatherings, business dealings, religious ceremonies etc. It also had important structures on its grounds such as the Temple of Saturn, one of the earliest temples in the Forum and the Senate House (also known as Curia) which served as the council house for the Roman Senate, to name a few. The Forum was the hub for all commercial activities in Rome. 

From the Forum, you walk down the Sacra Via (a main road that connects the Forum to many important sites) to the Colosseum to enjoy a day out and in that era, a day out meant watching gladiatorial combat, wild animal hunts and mock sea battles, all of which used to take place at the Colosseum. Officially known as Flavian Amphitheatre, it’s a massive freestanding amphitheatre that was built from stone and concrete. Accommodating around 50,000 spectators, it was the biggest amphitheatre of its time. Today, it is a mark of Imperial Rome and one of Rome’s most visited tourist attractions. 

Your next destination, just a few kilometres away, is the glorious Pantheon, a pagan temple where the Romans would go to pray. Albeit being a place of worship, which gods used to be worshipped there remains a mystery. But the biggest mystery that shrouds the Pantheon is its architecture and how it has been able to brave numerous wars and raids; how it has managed to survive the test of time while other Roman monuments have been reduced to ruins. Remarkably, its iconic dome remains as the largest unreinforced dome in the world.  The temple was later converted to a church but today it doesn’t stand as a temple or a church- it stands as a striking reminder of the genius of Roman architecture.

Another example of the genius of Roman architecture is the Trevi Fountain. Its location at the end of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct (that provided water to Rome), at the junction of 3 roads – ‘tre vie’- earned it the name Trevi Fountain. In fact, it’s not just a fountain. With Greek sculptures in the centre backed by an elegant triumphal arch, it’s a grand work of art. Legend has it that if you throw a coin in the fountain with your right hand over your left shoulder, you’ll find your way back to Rome.

From the early 500 BC era, Rome had kept on evolving not only socially and politically but also religiously. Rome has always found itself a place of prominence in the world of Catholicism which was further amplified owing to the St Peter’s Basilica. Located in Vatican City, the papal sector of Rome, St Peter’s Basilica is a Renaissance-style church, referred to as “the greatest of all churches of Christendom”. The architecture of the church – designed as a three-aisled Latin cross with the iconic dome – makes it the most fascinating buildings in Rome. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that it sees millions of tourists visiting it every year.

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PS. We don’t know if it’s because of the coin you threw in the Trevi Fountain or it’s just the city, but we do know for sure that all roads do lead to Rome…


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