Prague in December

Prague doesn’t need an introduction (but we’ll still give one because it deserves to be spoken of). It’s a city that is world famous for a lot of things. From glorious Romanesque chapels and Gothic cathedrals to fascinating museums and Art Nouveau buildings, from cute roadside cafes and local food to 5-star dining… Prague has literally everything.

And that simply means…

Hopping on the first flight to the Czech Republic.  Plus it’s December which means it’s the perfect time to visit Prague. With the onset of Christmas, the snow-covered streets of Prague come alive with Christmas markets. Considered to be one of the world’s best, they make Prague even more magical. One can shop for souvenirs, try out local food (especially the mulled wine) or just stroll along taking in the excitement.  And although the weather may be frosty, it’s still perfect because at the end of the day, the festive atmosphere makes everything worthwhile…

And perfect weather beckons… Stepping out and exploring! In a city like Prague, there are so many places to explore. One such place you should definitely see (trust us, you won’t miss it) is the Prague Castle, built in the 9th century as the seat of power for Roman emperors and kings of Bohemia. Standing there in all its glory, the Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. So big, it has churches, palaces, towers, gardens etc. on its grounds. What’s remarkable about this is that they all have their own designs that come together and make Prague Castle an amalgamation of different architectural styles.

Speaking of architectural styles, The Old Town Bridge Tower is one of the many finely designed works of architecture in Prague. One of the most beautiful Gothic bridge towers in Europe, it sits at the bottom of the Charles Bridge (which sits astride the Vltava River). The tower was part of Prague’s fortification system and also served as a triumphal arch on the route of the royal coronation procession of the Kings of Bohemia. The viewing gallery at the top of the Tower offers an absolutely stunning view of the city spread out below covered with a white layer of snow that juxtaposes perfectly with the stone of the Gothic monuments. The Vltava flows graciously below, reflecting the city in its depths…sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

You’ve seen the great castles and towers that stand testament to Prague’s royal history. Since these are world -famous attractions, people are going to be flocking to these places but if you want some much-needed quiet time, then a visit to the Brevnov Monastery is a must. A Benedictine Archabbey, it is the Czech Republic’s oldest male monastery. It went through its fair share of troubles; at one point the monastery was dissolved but come the Velvet Revolution and it was standing tall again. Take a walk around the lush, green gardens and you’ll find yourself in a complete state of serenity.

Fun fact, though known for its peaceful atmosphere, it is also famous for its brewery that churns out great beer, in fact, one of the best in Prague. The chilly December weather makes for a perfect opportunity to warm yourself up with some beer and combined with the amazing local food, it’ll be an unforgettable experience!

So, Prague is not just a city. It is a beautiful coalesce of culture and contemporary.  And we are here to help you plan your journey and make it as enjoyable as possible. Just log on to and book your entire trip, all in one place. We’ll take care of the rest. You just have to #FeelIt!


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