The Oktoberfest, as it is called in Germany

The Oktoberfest, as it is called in Germany, is a world-famous traditional celebration held in Munich, Bavaria. The highlight of this 16-18 day long festival is the copious consumption (read on to find out what we mean by copious) of beer along with other local delicacies.

The Oktoberfest dates back to 1810; as a celebration of the wedding between King Ludwing and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghause. People of Munich had joined the festivities and celebrated the wedding with much gusto; they had organized horse races and parades (you know, the whole 19th century wedding shebang), which became important components of the Oktoberfest for years to come. The locals call the Oktoberfest ‘die Wies’n’ which comes from Theresienwiese, meaning “Theresa’s Meadow”. This refers to the location of the above mentioned wedding that ultimately became the Oktoberfest today.

The Oktoberfest is also the world’s largest Volksfest (lit., folk festival) as it sees an average of 6 million visitors a year. And justifiably so. The Oktoberfest is a melange of all things fun. Visitors can enjoy attractions such as amusement rides and carnival games or just saunter around the Wies’n. There is also the Costumes and Riflemen’s Parade that takes place on the opening weekend, in which thousands of people in traditional Bavarian costume walk through the center of Munich, starting off the fest with a bang. Believe us, this is not something you’d want to miss!

Remember we said copious consumption of beer? In fact, copious would be an understatement. The Oktoberfest sees beer consumption of up to *drumroll* 7 million litres! Along with beer, there’s A LOT of food…sausages, pretzels,roast chicken; you name it, they’ll have it. The men and women who serve all the food & drinks dress in traditional Bavarian attire; with men wearing lederhosen and women wearing dirndls. Fun fact, these guys can carry 12 or more beer mugs in their hands! You have to check it out yourself.

There is so much more to the Oktoberfest, it is impossible to fit it all here. Where else can you find millions and millions of people, all at one place, having such a gala time together? These 16-18 days are filled with fun, happiness, colour and life…all part of true Bavarian culture and if that’s something you want to experience and get a feel of then going to the Oktoberfest is the way to do it.

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