Why FEEL and not simply travel

1. Because boxes are for hats. Or shoes.

They are faceless, nameless, anonymous. Their pale walls tell no story. They can be frightening in their mind-numbing uniformity. They can be tall, square, long. They can be really expensive. But they can’t fool you. They are still boxes. And boxes are for hats…

Step out. Free yourself from the tyranny of unyielding lines of first this and then that. From a mindset that insists that travel and freedom can never be mixed. And that beauty is irrelevant. From an attitude of blatant disregard for the ‘feel’ side of life. Step out. Dare to expect more. Insist on freedom. And lavish beauty. Take it as your right to be surprised, delighted, indulged. That you are traveling is no excuse for you to imprison the adventurer in you. Step out of the box. Boxes are for hats. Not free birds like you.

2. Because you need to reconnect. With yourself.

You are encased in tall towers of steel and glass for most of your days. You work too hard. Travel on work too much. Fly too high. You need to unwind. To feel the plushness of soft linen after a steel-edged day. To let your senses revel in muted lights, scented waters, open vistas, flowing forms, and the delicious sounds of silence. You need to let you hair down in raucous revelry and put your feet up in opulent style. You need to feel that connection with your own tired self.

You don’t simply long for it. Or wish it. Or sort-of-want-it. You NEED it!

3.Because meandering matters.

When you set out to feel, you allow yourself an experience that has been designed to meander. You will not have to contend with boring, endless itineraries stacked one on top of the other. Instead, experience the delightful sensation of being pleasantly surprised as even a mundane walk from a bazaar to a banquet turns into a little voyage of discovery.

We often find our best moments chatting on stone balustrades, loitering along flower-lined pathways, stopping to enjoy sensational views of a new city… It’s what we get when we choose to feel, not simply travel.

4. Because the simple things count.

Sometimes we do need to do ourselves a few favors. We need to live awhile horizontally. Smell the earth, watch the honeybees as they dance around fragrant flowers, hear the gurgle of merrily flowing water. Just for a while forget about zipping elevators and dizzying heights that take us away from our selves. And what better way to do that than to feel our way around the world!

5. Because we travel too much.

Does that sound counter intuitive? Well, it isn’t! We have converted one of the most pleasurable activities on the planet (no! not THAT one!) into a mundane, transactional process. We pack our bags, stand in queues, hop on an aircraft, stand in some more queues, take mandatory pictures, follow a rigid timetable, see predictable things (but again only after having waited in interminable queues) and come back not allowing ourselves to wonder at the point of it all. We have learnt to travel, we agree. But we have also forgotten to feel. And that’s not on!

Also, we deserve better. We all do. Which is why – FEEL.


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